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To encourage a more understanding environment regarding diversity and difference we offer training ranging from our fun and informative cultural awareness tours to specially tailored presentations, there is something to suit every situation.

Equality and Diversity Training

A training session held by SARI.
A training sessions held by SARI.

Our unique training packages go beyond the board room, using audio-visual material, cultural tours, workshops, panel discussions and forums designed to immerse delegates into a multi-cultural and diverse environment. Our aim is to break down psycho-social barriers and bring equality and diversity alive. Our service can include pre-training needs assessments, venue and catering. We aim to provide a complete learning experience and can tailor-make the programme to fit into single or multiple sessions according to your brief. We are also able to utilise community led focus groups to inform our training sessions, enabling us to create bespoke packages. Over the years, we have delivered training to a range of agencies including local authorities; social work teams; housing providers; youth offending teams; schools and youth groups; supported housing and social care providers; hate crime reporting centres; police; Magistrates and the prison service.

We can provide training that is tailored specifically to your needs.  This can range from a more general approach such as our basic training on how to tackle hate crime or for raising awareness of cultural difference, or can be influenced by your staff or service user demographics to include more detailed, sophisticated information that is relevant to your organisation.

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Dealing with Hate Incidents

Hate incidents and crimes can and do occur in the work place. It is important to treat incidents that happen towards or between your staff as seriously as you would for your customers. Such incidents are not necessarily crimes (although we have known cases of serious hate motivated assault or graffiti at work), but that does not mean they should not be taken as seriously; often it is the case that minor hate incidents eventually escalate into serious situations with widespread repercussions, so it is imperative that all incidents - whether they are a crime or not - are dealt with in a serious and timely manner. You should also report work based incidents to the police and other relevant agencies when appropriate as well as referring to your Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures.

We treat each hate incident individually, responding to and evaluating its nuances, and well aware that each incident has the potential to be a life-changing moment for victims. Our casework service is provided to victims, and offers emotional support, practical safety advice and advocacy services. This service is available for the staff of our partner agencies as well as to their service users or customers.

For more information, please call us on 0117 942 0060 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..