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On average, around 70% of SARI’s cases come from the Bristol area annually. This mirrors the area where a large proportion of our funding comes from, is reflective of the size of the population and its levels of diversity, and is also due to our being very well-known and supported by our partners within the area. Our offices are also located in the heart of Bristol.

With an estimated population of 425,000 people, Bristol is a vibrant multicultural city that revels in its diversity, but that does not disguise the fact that people still suffer as victims of crime because of the colour of their skin, their sexual orientation or their disability. In the financial year 2014/2015 we opened 408 cases involving 1067 people, many of whom have had their lives severely impacted upon by hate crime. Of the 408 cases opened within Bristol in 2014–2015, 326 were race-related, 48 were disability related, 24 were homophobic or transphobic, 5 were faith-based and 2 were age-based. For a comprehensive breakdown of our own statistics for Bristol during the financial year 2014–2015, click here.

SARI delivers a number of other services locally, including staff training and case audits for housing providers and cultural competency, equality and diversity advice to local mental health and drugs and alcohol services. We also hold a contract with Bristol Youth Offending Team, helping young BME people to overcome behavioural challenges through consistent 1 to 1 sessions. We also work with many local schools, colleges and universities to educate and inform people about hate crime, its effects and what we do to help victims.

SARI can therefore signpost to many other agencies and work in partnership to ensure we get the best solutions for our clients. If you, or somebody you know, has been a victim of a crime that you believe was motivated because of your ethnicity, gender-identity, sexual orientation, disability, or religious belief, please get in touch.

Bristol Hate Crime Services

Specific to Bristol, we lead an innovative partnership service with three other organisations (Bristol Mind, Brandon Trust and LGBT Bristol) to deliver Bristol Hate Crime Services. This was created when we bid for the Hate Crime Services Grant because we wanted to show that we could tackle hate crime in every form. We were very pleased to be successful in this grant application as a collaborative group. To visit the Bristol Hate Crime Services webpage, please click the logos below.

Bristol Hate Crime Services was launched in June 2013 and is funded for 3—5 years. It is already proving more effective in encouraging people to come forward to report hate crime from an increasing range of different equalities communities and backgrounds. An increasing number of people are presenting with complex needs and facing hate crime for more than one protected characteristic e.g. people who are both disabled and gay or trans and from a BME community. Our partnership of services means we are well placed to meet such a range of needs and issues. The work carried out by BHCS is supported by the Diversity Trust.