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A volunteer, hard at work.
A volunteer, hard at work.

Volunteer with SARI

SARI welcomes volunteers from all walks of life.

As a volunteer with SARI you can expect:

  • To be involved with an organisation that is dedicated to working towards the elimination of racial discrimination and/or racial harassment and to promoting equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups.
  • A thorough induction on the work of SARI, its staff and the policies and procedures relevant to your volunteering role and/or training you may need to meet the responsibilities of this role.
  • A supportive and positive environment that ensures you enjoy your volunteering.

From time to time we may take on temporary or locum workers.

Please call, email, or write to get in touch with us about volunteering your time.

Become a Member

SARI was started by, and continues to be led by, members who have experienced hate crime who we believe are best able to represent our cause. We also accept membership applications from individuals (including agency representatives) who may have not experienced hate crime, but do have an interest in supporting the work we do.

Membership of SARI is open to any individual interested in promoting the Charitable Objectives who:

  • applies to the Charity;
  • is approved by the Trustees; and
  • signs the register of members or consents in writing to become a member.

SARI's Charitable Objectives:

  • To work towards the elimination of racism and inequalities for people with protected characteristics as defined in law;
  • to promote equality of opportunity for those with protected characteristics;
  • to foster good relations between those with protected characteristics and the general population;
  • to advance the education of the public in the causes and effects of racism and inequalities towards those with protected characteristics; and
  • to promote for the public benefit the relief and treatment of any physical, mental or emotional distress suffered by any person as a result of that person or a member of her or his family haing suffered inequalities on the ground of one or more protected characteristics.

Informal membership is open to all SARI clients who have a live case at the time of their membership application. Informal members have the right to attend and speak at General Meeting but not to vote or stand for election to the Board of Trustees. Informal members can apply for full membership, and to be on the Board of Trustees, after their case is closed. Associate membership is open to any individual who supports the work of the charity but who has not experienced racial harassment. Associate members have the right to attend and speak at general meetings. They do not have the right to vote or stand for election to the Board of Trustees.

Full membership is open to any individual who:

  • has been a client and whose case is now closed; and / or
  • has direct or indirect experience of suffering hate crime; and
  • who lives or works in the area of benefit (South West England).

Full members have the right to attend and speak and vote at general meetings and to stand for election to the Board of Trustees.

As Charity Trustees, The Board has control of the Charity and its property and funds. The Trustees when complete consist of at least three and not more than 12 individuals, all of whom must be members and 80% of the Trustees must be from black or minority ethnic groups and have direct or indirect experience of hate crime. The Board can co-opt Trustees to fill any gaps in skills, knowledge or experience. Co-optees have to be co-opted each year, they do not have to be members but they can vote. Conditions apply to members elected to serve on the Management Committee (see Section 3 of SARI's Articles of Association). For example, they must be over 18 at the time of being elected; are subject to approval by the current Board of Trustees and a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check and they must not be disqualified, under the Charities Act, from becoming a Trustee. Please contact SARI if you would like to discuss this further.

Members may from time to time receive mailings inviting them to participate in activities at SARI and updates on the work we are doing. SARI will not give the mailing list of members to any other party.

All members will automatically receive an invitation to attend the next AGM and to renew their membership.

Membership of the Charity is not transferable.

Membership is terminated if the member concerned:

  • gives written notice of resignation to the Charity or dies; or
  • is removed from membership by resolution of the Trustees on the ground that in their reasonable opinion the member's continued membership is harmful to the Charity.

Full members can apply to join the Board of Trustees.

There is no joining fee—members just agree to pay £1 in the unlikely event that the organisation is dissolved during (or within 12 months of ending) their membership, and the company cannot pay all its debts.

Members have the satisfaction of knowing that they are supporting a pro-equality cause.

SARI has a strong voice locally and nationally; become a member, become part of that voice.